Nikki Morgan Oldaker's decision to become an Independent candidate for the U.S. Senate from Florida was made at the right time.   Independents will play an important role in the upcoming elections.

Florida, which claims to be the "State for All Seasons" will benefit from an Independent who has diversified experience that reflects problems that matter to down-to-earth people in business, education, the professions, students, seniors and growers-citizens from all walks of life.

Nikki is a "natural" who excels at whatever she undertakes.  Her versatile career experience encompasses 15 years in the Professional Beauty Business during which she spent 10 years as a salon owner in Connecticut; seven years in the Hotel/Tourism industry as Hotel General Manager; as an Auditor, Executive Assistant Financial Services; three years as a WEB Publisher and as a screen writer/producer, all in Florida.

Rounding out all her diversified career experience is her other experience, as a devoted wife; mother; grandmother; sister; daughter and friend to many.

Nikki Morgan Oldaker was raised, educated and worked in Longboat Key and Orlando Florida as well as Fairfield and Milford, Connecticut. She currently resides in Orlando with her husband Eric. They claim that Orlando, the city, and Florida, the state, represent one of the best places to live, work, have fun, and meet new people from all over the world.  "It's a truly cosmopolitan area, deserving the very best service from its elected officials."  Nikki states unequivocally.

There have been only 27 women in the United States Senate, a sad commentary on how some people still view women's capabilities, a lack of confidence that Nikki hopes will be remedied with her election.  She wants to make it 28 women with her election victory as a United States Senator from Florida.  She has confidence that this year people are thinking more "independently" and it will be proved in the voting booth.

Nikki Oldaker