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1895 - John Bigelow;s description of the two major parties:
“The Democratic party had its origin in the efforts of the more advanced patriots of the Revolution to resist the perversion of our government from the ideal contemplated by the people. Among its conspicuous founders are Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams and John Hancock, of Massachusetts; George Wythe and James Madison, of Virginia. From the election of Mr. Jefferson as President in 1800, for sixty years the Democratic party mainly directed our national policy. It extended the boundaries of the Republic, and laid the foundations of all our national greatness, while it preserved the limitations imposed by the Constitution and maintained a simple and pure system of domestic administration. 
“On the other hand, the Republican party has always been dominated by principles which favor legislation for the benefit of particular classes at the expense of the body of the people. It has become deeply tainted with the abuses which naturally grow up during a long possession of unchecked power, especially in a period of civil war and false finance. The patriotic and virtuous in it are now unable to emancipate it form the sway of selfish interests which subordinate public duty to personal gain. The most hopeful of the best citizens it contains, despair of its amendment except through its temporary expulsion from power...
Click on the Adobe PDF file  above for a comedy screenplay I penned in 1994 titled, "Without the Law" about the takedown of Income Tax law. Originally the IRS was signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson...1913 - Income tax was only supposed to charged to the 1% of the very rich in America to help the working poor that made them rich. If you review your tax bill each year - you will see how the rich turned it around so that the workers pay the tab for them. Thomas Jefferson said that,"Government should never take from the mouth of Labor." 
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Samuel J Tilden...
  "When the People Rise the System Gets Cleansed" 
 "I Still Trust the People" 
is  engraved on his tombstone.

"Without the Law" 
A Dramedy screenplay about  take-down of the IRS
"In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem." ~ Ronald Reagan

"It is only government that can break the vicious cycle..." ~ Barack Obama

More quotes and the Two Party Switch-A-Roo...
Samuel Tilden and President Grover Cleveland were Bourbon Democrats. They represented business interests, supported banking and railroad goals, promoted laissez-faire capitalism (which included opposition to the protectionism Republicans then advocated), opposed imperialism and U.S. overseas expansion, fought for the gold standard, and opposed bimetallism. They strongly supported reform movements such as Civil Service Reform and opposed corruption of city bosses, leading the fight against the Tweed Ring. The corruption theme earned the votes of many Republican Mugwumps in 1884.